Welcome to Stik2 Fitness and our series of Health & Fitness Apps exclusive to iOS.

We have worked with our fitness professionals and especially with Si. and Kt. to design the most effective workouts to assist you burning body fat, building lean muscle and conditioning your body in the most effective, fast and enjoyable way ever put into an app.

Below you will find a brief information document to give you a clear understanding of the protocol behind our workouts.

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Our main goal and plan is to design our S2F apps to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. With proven and very effective training protocols you can use anywhere, anytime.

Thanks and happy training, human!


Introducing Si. & Kt.


We’d like to introduce you to our two Elite Trainers.

These are the two coolest stick figures in the fitness industry 🙂

Both Si. & Kt. won the job to train you in the Stik2 Fitness App during 3 years of hard competition with over 5000 other stick figures.

They tell me that once you train with them you’ll Stik2 Fitness for the rest of your life.

I believe them.


What is best: 7 Minute Workouts or more?

The 7 minute workout protocol has become a popular concept. And rightly so.

The idea of doing a workout in 7 minutes is appealing to almost anyone. And with the correct exercises and workout structure these workouts can be highly effective and perfect for a short, intense and challenging training session.

It is our belief however – having been in the fitness industry for many years all over the world – that a good mix of short intense workouts and challenging endurance workouts is the optimal combination for true body transformation.

Beginner will find our 7 minute workouts the perfect foundation to build upon, but we know you WILL progress quickly. You will get faster, stronger, more flexible and ready for more challenges to really take your body and your results to the next level.

That is why our apps allow users to do amazing seven minute workouts (1 Full Circuit) for the quick, intense training everyone loves, but also implements tools to allow you to create multiple circuits and training protocols.

The challenge of completing multiple circuits with challenging rest and cool down periods will be the big factors to push you to the next level.

It will be a fun and addictive reward as you see your body adapt and your performance improve to allow you to take on more challenges for greater results and satisfaction.

S2F has awesome and proven 7 minute workouts But also allows you to edit settings to create new workouts, greater challenges and refreshing training programs…

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