Finally: The Most Amazing Fitness App To Hit Your Mobile Device.

 With new users every second, Stik2 Fitness is the newest, most unique and most effective fitness app for iOS.




  • Scientifically Studied Workout Protocol
  • New 7 Minute Fitness Structures
  • 7 Full Workout Options
  • Over 30 Body Changing Exercises
  • Countdowns and Editable Rest Periods
  • Specific Exercise Progression and Order
  • Multi-View Training: Video, Text, Photos

Male & Female Voice

Silence is not golden.

Workout with Si. or Kt. - Not on your own

Nothing beats a friendly trainer.  Si. & Kt. will talk you through the exercises, countdowns and more.  So you can enjoy the video, photo and text instructions with your new workout buddy.

Workout To Your Music

Now your rockin'.

Complete music freedom as you train

Working out to music can’t be beaten.  With Stik2Fitness apps you can play anything you love as you go through your training sessions…we’ve got those last reps covered.


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The Stik2 Fitness Apps. A Health & Fitness Revolution Begins...

Now you can transform your body with the most effective, time saving workouts ever put into an app.
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